6 Things to Do in Amsterdam

Growing up, I had this warped view of what life is like in Amsterdam. I guess I had the media and pop culture to blame for planting the idea in my head that “anything goes” in Amsterdam. From legalized drugs to the infamous Red Light District, I was under the impression that there was absolutely nothing you couldn’t do in Amsterdam.

When I initially booked my flight to Prague, my itinerary included a layover at Charles De Gaulle in Paris, France. But of course, the combination of upstate New York winter weather and bad luck resulted in a last-minute flight cancellation, a panicked phone call with a Delta Airlines customer service rep, and a new itinerary that included a layover change from Paris to Amsterdam. “Hmm…Amsterdam,” I thought as I stepped onto Netherlands soil to board my connecting flight. “This may not be a bad place to add to the bucket list.”

The passport stamp I received upon landing at Amsterdam Schiphol airport on my way to Prague.
The passport stamp I received upon landing at Amsterdam Schiphol airport on my way to Prague.

Fast forward a month and a half to mid-March, and I boarded a 7am flight to Amsterdam with my roommate. We touched down a short hour later and headed to the nearest taxi that would take us to our hotel about 25 minutes outside of the city center.

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A Coffee Shop Tour in Prague

Back in January, I spent a good portion of my time reading up on things to do in the Czech Republic. My study abroad trip wasn’t too far away, and I always found myself searching the web for unique things to do when I set foot in the city. My mom and I had recently started a habit of going to local coffee shops on the weekends, and I hoped to continue this activity overseas.

Fast forward three months to mid-April, and one of my roommates in Prague shows me a blog post by Taste of Prague detailing the top coffee shops to experience in the city. I was sold. We slowly began making our way through the list, and none failed to disappoint. As all of my friends and family know, coffee is a staple part of my life. It’s the first thing I crave in the morning, and it’s often the subject of my latest tweets. I guess growing up with a coffee snob for a mother contributed to my love of the beverage.

An accurate depiction of me every morning.
Image courtesy of keepingupk.blogspot.com.

Below is a list of the coffee shops my roommate and I were able to hit up before we headed home at the end of the semester. Thanks to the Taste of Prague blog post, I was able to combine travel and exploration with my caffeine addiction. What could be better?

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